Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jen for Grazia

Jen Hawkins looks absolutely stunning in this weeks Grazia.. Surgery or not she looks like a true natural beauty. I can’t wait for the brown Ellery shoes to hit stores! I’m already planning my summer dresses around these lil gems.


  1. i've never been the hugest fan of her, although i admire her beauty and work ethic, but these shots have to be some of my favourites of hers.
    her in the toni maticevski gown and then in that ellery gown and pumps is just incredible. she's growing on me.
    and i would not mind being her right now! x.

  2. oh, ps. love your blog. i must follow you via bloglovin' now!

  3. okay, i already am. (awkward) ahah. oh gosh, sorry for all of the comments!